Brief History

                   Relations with the metal sector of Atalay Family started in Trabzon Maçka at the beginning of the 1900's. In the first years, family was manufacturing and trading copper cups, pans, boilers etc. Our Grandfather Ibrahim Atalay, moved this manufacturing and trading business to Istanbul Bakırcılar Bazaar and soon became dominant in this market. On year 1950’s with the factory established in Istanbul Topkapı, it has become the biggest supplier of TSK and Anatolia by producing aluminum products. In the 1980s, tourism became important in Turkey, and so after the industrial kitchen sector had a great need of stainless steel. The Company made the necessary moves and started to make production in this direction. Atahan Madeni Eşya was established in 1995 by two brothers, Hüseyin and Cengiz Atalay, the grandsons of İbrahim Atalay. Since the day it was founded, our company has continued to be one of the leading companies in the sector by creating its corporate structure.

                   Since 2000, we have increased the number of customers that we provided projects and services with domestic and international projects. In 2004, our company has continued to be a pioneer in the sector by passing all of its manufacturing to CNC technology.

                   It proved its production quality with TSE-Gas Appliances - TSE-HYB (Service Sufficiency Certificate) - CE-Electric Appliances - CE-Gas Appliances - ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate and various patent and utility product certificates.

                   Our company has built its own factory with 6000 square meters closed area in Gebze Organize Sanayi Bölgesi in 2009 with its own resources. At the same time, Topkapı's store and manufacturing area expanded to 2000 square meters. Thanks to all these capacity increases, we can provide superior service and customer satisfaction, in the field of industrial kitchen sector such as hotel, restaurant, cafe, patisserie groups, military kitchens, mobile land kitchens, hospital equipments, school and factory kitchens; Storage, preparation, cooking, transportation and service equipments.

                   Our company is in all phases of manufacturing, installation, training of the necessary personnel, after sales service and customer satisfaction, using its experienced personnel in your service.